Need a local distribution center? Many times a local DC at a gateway city such as Miami FL offers the flexibility you need to reach parts of the world you service. Allow our warehousing operation to provide you with the logistics support at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own operation.

Only pay for the services you need when you need them. Why open an office and take on all the expenses when we can meet all your warehousing needs for a fraction of the cost.

Our 50,000 Square Foot Warehouse Distribution Center offers you the flexibility to reach your customers fast, cost efficiently and from the largest gateway city to the Americas. We can work off your own platform as an extension of your network. Or we can integrate you into our Order and Inventory platform and allow you to customize how your orders are segregated, packed and shipped, as if we were part of your team.

Our Warehouse Management Tools will allow you to perform all the same duties as your own operation:

• Inventory Control
• Order Fulfillment, pack and ship
• Cargo Inspection, repairs to packing,
• Manual loading and unloading of trailers
• Furniture Deluxing for Manufacturers and Distributors
• Handling of Hazardous Materials, preparation for shipment
• Long Term Storage and Insurance available
• Fully Scalable Systems for peak season or growth considerations
• Complete Transparency via EDI and customizable reports
• 24 Hr Monitored Security and Video Surveillance

Contact us for more details. Your will be glad you did!